Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Does Duplicate Content Affect SEO?

If your company is very actively participating in blogs, websites of social media, videos and other sources of information for your business, then your search engine ranking will certainly reach sky high. As a consequence, visitor traffic towards your website will amplify. Though you have heard that more the content the better but this content must not be the duplicate content even from your own site.

Basically, duplicate content is that one which is visible on the web on more than one single URL. It might be the accurate content or very identical content. Duplicate content can arise within the website or it could be from an outer source. The main focus here is, does duplicate content within own site affect SEO? Yes it certainly does. Whenever a user is looking for something on Google, the search engine likely gives the top most results. People are presented with several results for each request apart from presenting the similar content from various sources. So, whenever additional same or semi-matching content is found on the web, it has to select one and take no notice of the other. This procedure is rather quiet fussy because it becomes much complicated to settle on which description is more pertinent to a specified search inquiry or which account is the real one given by the publisher.
Duplicate content is just similar to dual road signs that does point two different directions but at the end have the same concluding destination. Though, Google has already given the statement that sites will not be penalized for unintentional duplicate content placement but the reality is no matter whatever is asserted by Google people, the search engine will always ignore those sites that are having pure content and any accidental SEO infarctions. Fewer appropriate results are also found. Content duplication must be avoided within own site as well. If found then make it certain that the content is accessible only to single canonical URL. Rather, it would hurt you a lot if the search engine realizes that the website is spammy. In certain cases where your site returns analogous content which is supported by limitations predetermined in the URL then Google Webmaster tool can be used. To give the most excellent search engine exposure, search engines will hardly ever reveal numerous pieces of content and thus, are compelled to select the version which is most probably the authentic or the best one!

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